Pepper Spray Alarm

Alarm systems have been around for many decades; these systems have evolved and grown to keep up with the accelerated demand for their existence. As crime continues to increase, families and businesses alike are faced with the ongoing challenge of needing to find more effective means of protecting and securing their assets and properties.

Today burglaries are committed at any time, whether it be in broad daylight, with the use of force or at any time once the night has fallen and in most cases are over within 3-5min on the residential side and between 5-8 minutes within the business sector, resulting in the crime already been committed, and the perpetrators long gone before the armed response team arrives on the scene.

Traditionally the Intruder Alarm measure alone,  appears to do very little to :PREVENT criminals from entering your property with force. Infrastructure in both the industrial and commercial sectors are also affected, at a great cost, not to mention great loss, due to the damage caused, let alone the disruption to supply and delivery.

Josken Electronics provides Stand-alone Pepper Spray Solution to help minimise on the cost of theft prevention, across all security market domains. Our range of Protecto Pepper Spray Alarm Systems are reliable, well supported, easy-to-install and maintain.

Optional Instant SMS Notifications

With Various models to choose from, our Pepper Spray Alarm Systems provides end-users and armed response companies to monitor each unit by adding on our range of optional Notification Units. Option 1 – Protecto GSM add-on Unit , Receive notification via SMS  i.e. Unit is Armed, Unit is Disarmed, Unit has Triggered (Gone into Alarm), Battery Low, Main Power Fails, Gas Canister Low. You can also program up to 10 Remotes with user names assigned to each remote for ease of notifications. i.e. John Brown just Armed Pump Station 13 .Option 2 – Protecto MODBUS add-on Unit Typically used in Industrial Applications – This add-on unit can enable you to draw reports from your SCADA system using this Industrial language via PLC’s, Telemetry, My City etc. Option 3 – Protecto GSM & MODBUS add-on Unit, lets you enjoy both worlds – Provides both GSM and Modbus notification and communication. Our Protecto Windows Based Software allows you to connect your Ultima Controller to your PC/Laptop via USB Cable in order to set up sites, spray times settings, assign remotes to users mobile cell numbers. Our software is easy to use and free of charge.